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Baked For Nature

As part of the world’s largest baking company, we strive to be leaders in sustainability, recognizing our obligation to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come.

If you would like more specifics about what our parent company, Grupo Bimbo, has been exploring on environmental issues, visit Grupo Bimbo's website to learn more about their Sustainability Strategy. 

Last updated 05/06/2024

Our ambition:

  • Achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2050
    • * Achieving net-zero by 2050 is an overarching goal of our parent company Grupo Bimbo. For more information on how Grupo Bimbo is measuring Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions, its third-party verification, and how it is measuring interim progress, see its Annual Report (pages 116-131) here.
  • Work Towards Zero Waste by diverting waste from landfills and improving packaging sustainability
  • Work with suppliers, farmers and other relevant stakeholders to understand, advocate for and support regenerative agriculture practices

We are committed to:

Zero waste
Net Zero Carbon Emissions
Regenerative agriculture

towards zero waste

Bimbo Bakeries USA strives for zero waste across all operations, it is critically important to our world in two specific areas – packaging and food waste. We know the negative impacts non-recyclable packaging, like plastic, has on our environment. We also realize the significant food insecurity that exists across the U.S. and our role to help those that are food insecure.

Bimbo Bakeries USA continually looks for ways to optimize our manufacturing process to help prevent waste during the baking process and supply chain to reduce the time it takes to get our products on store shelves.


Bimbo Bakeries USA partners with TerraCycle to make all bread, bun, bagel and English muffin packaging easily recyclable and have already diverted more than five million Entenmann’s Little Bites pouches from landfill through TerraCycle.

Bimbo Bakeries USA is also a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Improve systems to DIRECT surplus product is directed to food banks

In 2022, Bimbo Bakeries USA donated more than 26 million pounds of surplus product to Feeding America food banks across the nation. This not only helps to keep product out of landfills, but also supports our communities by ensuring that even those who can’t afford to purchase our products still have access to it.


Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions is critical to help reduce the effects of climate change around the world. That’s why Bimbo Bakeries USA has multiple carbon reduction strategies to meet the needs of all of our facilities across the United States.

Bimbo Bakeries USA follows the framework outlined by the Science Based Target initiatives (SBTi) for GHG emissions. Scope 1 are direct GHG emissions occurring from sources that are owned and controlled by our company.  Primary Scope 1 contributors are natural gas, vehicle fuels, and refrigerants.  Scope 2 are indirect GHG emissions associated with the purchase of electricity

In 2023, Bimbo Bakeries USA initiated Strategic Energy Management (SEMs) programs at our bakeries and is working with Cascade Energy and local utilities to improve energy efficiencies.




Bimbo Bakeries USA aims to use energy effectively and efficiently. High-efficient boilers have been installed at our Escondido, Placentia, Montebello, Sacramento facilities and we have Heat Recovery systems at our Lehigh Valley, Rockwall, Topeka, Elkhart, and Albany bakeries. Bimbo Bakeries USA ovens also have enhanced oven controls to optimize natural gas usage. 


Bimbo Bakeries USA utilizes a robust fleet of alternatively fueled vehicles, including: 

  • 600+ LPG/CNG vehicles
  • 60+ Electric route truck vehicles
  • 1100+ Hybrid passenger vehicles




We continue to implement practices to improve our energy efficiencies. This includes installation of high-efficient lighting, high-efficient air compressors systems, and improved cooling efficiency.

Bimbo electric vehicle

Continue to supply 100% of our electricity needs with renewable electric energy

Wind Energy: In addition to purchased energy credits, Grupo Bimbo and Bimbo Bakeries USA entered into a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) with Invenergy. Through this VPPA, Grupo Bimbo and Bimbo Bakeries USA invested in a wind farm to receive 100 megawatts of renewable, wind-generated electricity.

The purchased energy credits and the electricity produced from the wind farm, produces enough renewable energy to match the electricity used by all our operations throughout the United States. 

In 2022, BBU joined the U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership. This voluntary partnership encourages companies to use green power to reduce the environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use.

Solar Power: Each of Bimbo Bakeries USA’s bakeries in California are outfitted with solar microgrids with battery storage, including: Escondido, Montebello, Placentia, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, South San Francisco and Oxnard. The microgrid systems will generate about 20% of each bakery's energy usage and save an estimated 1,700 CO2e Tons per year. 

Battery Power: Battery systems heighten control over facility energy costs and maximize sustainability by: saving on peak demand charges, providing backup power to eliminate waste and down time and allowing the ability to incorporate and maximize renewables, such as solar. In Montebello, CA, Bimbo Bakeries USA has taken advantage of this measure with a 620 kW 3800kWh battery storage system. With close to $59,000 in annual savings, the system delivers energy bill savings of 7%. Total system reduction, control over energy consumption, improved demand response and the potential to tie in to solar.

We have also expanded our battery system to include locations in Placentia, San Luis Obispo, South San Francisco and Oxnard.



To contribute to the sustainability of the food system, we must ensure we give back more than we take from our planet.  This means changing our agricultural system for the better to ensure the soils we rely upon remain resilient, healthy and productive.  To do this, we must also support farmers and suppliers in embracing regenerative agriculture practices.

Together with Grupo Bimbo, Bimbo Bakeries USA is partnering with wheat suppliers and farmers to implement three regenerative agriculture pilot programs at 100,000+ hectares in the United States. As part of this initiative, the Company is collaborating with farmers and suppliers to build a regenerative agriculture program to improve soil health and biodiversity, lower carbon emissions and enhance producer communities. Our aim is to build on our learnings that can be replicated in other regions and with other commodities where regenerative agriculture programs do not exist.


Energy Star

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence

Grupo Bimbo and Bimbo Bakeries USA has earned the EPA ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for seven consecutive years (2018-2024) for superior leadership, innovation and commitment to environmental protection through energy efficiency. We achieved certification of 19 facilities across North America and met the ENERGY STAR Challenge at three bakeries, setting the record for the most ENERGY STAR certified plants of any company in any industry.

Leed Certification

LEED Certification

The United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programs are the most recognized green building standards in the world. BBU has adopted the LEED standard for all new construction and renovations. Our bakeries in Rockwall, TX and Lehigh Valley, PA, and our Distribution Centers in Allenwood, PA and Alburtis, PA, have all earned LEED certification. To earn certification, the locations each implemented standards to reduce energy and water while taking advantage of efforts to improve indoor air quality and use high amounts of recycled content in the building material.


Denver Bakery Receives Environmental Leadership Award

Our Denver bakery was awarded the Bronze Environmental Achievement Award by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Environmental Leadership Program. Our bakery was recognized for going beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and for our commitment to continual environmental improvement.

RE 100


Grupo Bimbo joined RE100, committing to using 100% renewable energy for its electricity across all countries by 2025. The purchased energy credits and the electricity produced from the wind farm, produces enough renewable energy to match the electricity used by all our operations throughout the United States. In 2023, BBU matched 101% of total electric used across our entire operations.

EPA Green Power Partner Logo


As a member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership, Bimbo Bakeries USA is ranked as one of the top 100 list of Largest Green Power Users. The Green Power Partnership is made of 1700 partner organizations and encourages companies to use green power to reduce the environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use. Bimbo Bakeries USA was recognized for commitment to expanding our use of green power.