Sara Lee and Artesano Sliced Bread Hit $1 Billion in Retail Sales

In 2022, Sara Lee sliced bread combined with Artesano sliced bread reached $1 billion in retail sales! With this accomplishment, the team hit a key milestone on their journey to becoming the #1 mainstream bread brand in America.

How to keep Sara Lee bread rising:

The brand’s continued success will center around three pillars of growth this year.

  • Deepen emotional connections with consumers by launching Sara Lee’s brand purpose: To feed the soul of the American family with daily acts of love.
  • Accelerate the core: Continue to drive Sara Lee Core 4 variants, Veggie Bread, and Delightful.
  • Solidify Artesano’s leadership position: Focus on expanding ribbon sets and gaining insights from the Learning labs. 

“We’re thrilled about this achievement and are focused on what the coming year has in store for Sara Lee, Artesano, and our total Mainstream business,” says Jinder Bhogal, Senior Brand Manager of National Mainstream Brands. “We are confident that our operational excellence combined with refined brand positioning, communications and media planning will lead BBU to the #1 position in the Mainstream category in 2023!”


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