Nourishing A Better World: A commitment to meaningful and sustainable positive change in our world

For decades, Grupo Bimbo has been committed to improving health and wellness, protecting the environment, supporting our communities and valuing our associates around the world. Nourishing both people and nature guides our business decisions and is increasingly more important to our future. 

Nourishing A Better World, Grupo Bimbo’s new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program, is linked directly to Our Purpose, and comprised of bold ambitions in three critical areas:

  • Baked for You (Health): Bring better nutrition to millions by providing more diverse nutrients in simpler recipes.
  • Baked for Life (People): Support our associates and help our communities thrive.
  • Baked for Nature (Planet): Fight the degradation of the environment by becoming champions of zero-carbon, zero waste and regenerative agriculture. 

In the United States, Bimbo Bakeries USA has an important role to play in making these social responsibility ambitions a reality. We have set goals for each of these areas and teams across the business and have already made meaningful progress to simplify ingredients across our portfolio, invest in our associates and communities and significantly reduce waste and energy use.

To read more about our goals and progress, visit the Social Responsibility page.

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