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Tia Rosa®

Tia Rosa Mushroom TacosSince our first tortilla was sold in Mexico over a quarter century ago, Tia Rosa has become the number one tortilla in Mexico. But we didn't stop there. From that success, we created an array of authentic products to offer families, always making sure each product has that straight from the kitchen freshness. This tradition continues today through Tia Rosa's dedication to making unique products and recipes the whole family will enjoy. Family traditions and the family dining experience have always been at the heart of Tia Rosa, because Tia Rosa started as a family business generations ago.

Tia Rosa was started in Mexico in 1975. Originally it was not known for its tortillas but rather for its sweet goods, such as Conchas and a variety of pastries. Eventually Tia Rosa moved into the "Tortillinas" introducing a new homemade premium tortilla.

In 1995 Bimbo Bakeries USA introduced Tia Rosa corn and flour tortillas and tortilla chips into the U.S. Soon after, Tia Rosa became one of the leading brands nationally.