Baking quality breads and sweet baked goods for 100 years.

Mrs Baird's®

Texans, misplaced Texans and many of our southern neighbors have been raised
generation after generation on Mrs Baird's bread. Ask any Texan from their
twenties to nineties and they most likely have a fond memory or story to
tell about Mrs Baird's bread.

mrs bairds - making fresh traditionsEven today, the Mrs Baird's approach to quality baking can be tasted in our wide variety of fresh breads, buns and rolls. The sweet side to Mrs Baird's includes donuts, pies, honey buns and cinnamon rolls. From our traditional white bread favorites now available with whole grains, to nutritious wheat breads with no high-fructose corn syrup, Mrs Baird's continues its tradition of baking great tasting breads for growing families.

Ninnie L. Baird founded Mrs Baird's in Fort Worth, Texas in 1908. It's a rich history we're proud of and encourage you to view the timeline celebrating our 100 year Anniversary as well as our 100th Anniversary Video.