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This super premium bread is trusted for its wholesome nutrition, excellent flavor and pleasing texture – proof that healthful bread can still taste good.

Brownberry's LogoSlower, longer baking ensures that each package of sliced bread, buns and rolls reaches its peak texture and flavor. This, along with the best ingredients and the highest standards in quality, produces our superior taste.

With a wide selection of bread that includes fiber, whole grains, rye and light breads, Brownberry is recognized as the brand for healthful, nutritious bread.

Our beginnings took shape in 1946 when Catherine Clark, using freshly milled wheat, created a bread recipe that had a unique flavor and the hearty goodness of fresh baked whole grain wheat bread. The name Brownberry was taken from the wheat berries ground fresh daily for each browned-to-perfection loaf. For years, Brownberry has added old-fashioned, homemade goodness to the American diet and is the leading brand of bread, buns and rolls in the Midwestern United States.