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Innovation & Nutrition

Bimbo Bakeries USA's Innovation & Nutrition Institute

Bimbo Bakeries USA Innovation & Nutrition labIn June 2008, Bimbo Bakeries USA inaugurated its Innovation & Nutrition Institute in Fort Worth, Texas.One of the few of its kind in the US, yet similar company institutions are in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Toluca, Mexico; and Mexico City. The lab includes an analytical lab with equipment for performing flour analysis, a shelf life simulator, a sensory analysis testing facility and a baking lab.

This facility allows us to develop and test innovative and more nutritious products and is part of our health commitment that is outlined in a letter from our CEO to the World Health Organization.

The 5,700 square foot facility is staffed by a team that includes industrial engineers, food scientists and chemists, as well as other baking experts; working closely with the production department and individual plants.