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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn an operating profit?*

Great service and building strong relationships with retail customers are critical to your business' success as well as ensuring that the right products are always in stock. With Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company we can offer assistance in marketing efforts, plus we have a group of experienced local sales managers who are available to assist in identifying opportunities to help drive sales. 

*Operating profit is calculated by taking the income you receive from sales to customers and subtracting out the cost of the products that you purchase from the Company and your operating expenses.

What does the business involve?

    • Entering into a distribution agreement with Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company
    • Distributing and promoting the sale of certain fresh baked products to customers within the distribution area.
    • Building business relationships and providing customer service to existing and new customers.
    • Maintaining an adequate and fresh supply of products within all customer outlets in the distribution area and performing all other necessary tasks for a successful distribution business.
    • Managing customer product requirements through the use of a hand-held computer device.
    • Maintaining books and records for your business.

Are there additional costs associated with the business?

Yes. Other costs may include but are not limited to the following:

    • All costs associated with providing a reliable delivery vehicle
    • Insurance coverage
    • Tax and bookkeeping
    • Handheld computer

When do I work?

As an independent business owner, the hours you establish are up to you. However, service to outlets within the territory will be based on customer expectations and the ability to meet other requirements in the distribution agreement. Most Independent Operators distribute products or have products distributed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Is this a job with Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company?

No. Independent Operators are independent contractors who distribute products purchased from Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company to customers within the distribution area. Independent Operators are responsible for all associated cost.

What if I want to sell the business?

The business may be sold at any time for whatever value can be negotiated with a potential purchaser. Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company can assist in identifying a potential purchaser. However, Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company will not assist in negotiating the purchase price. Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company maintains the right of first refusal in accordance with the Distribution Agreement, which would require Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company to match any bona fide offer if Bimbo Bakeries Distribution Company so chooses to execute its right.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about becoming an Independent Operator, please call 800-259-7610.